Research& Development

At SEATRACK INTERNATIONAL GROUP, we have multiple R&D centers equipped with cutting-edge enabling technologies. Our scientists have expertise in developing generics, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Novel Drug Delivery Systems. We have labs specialized in infections & disease R&D for the purpose of projects based stipulated by relevant department of Health Ministry. 

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At SEATRACK INTERNATIONAL GROUP, we manufacture and supply finished pharmaceutical formulations in the categories and forms of;

.Injectable, Lyophilized, Powder, Liquid & PFS

.Capsules (General, Hormones, Oncology)

.Tablets (Beta Lactams, Non Beta Lactams, Hormones, Oncology).

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Medical& Healthcare Products

SEATRACK INTERNATIONAL GROUP, has been a manufacturer& supplier of Fully ultrasonic automatic production lines for hygienic and medical products such as surgical face masks, medical nanofiber face mask, sanitizer, medical gloves, apparel protection products, medical devices such as ventilators, ICU medical devices, Covid-19 test kits (PCR, Antibody) for many years now through…                     

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Recent Products Updates;
  • Anidulafungin for Injection 50 mg Lyophilized
  • Anidulafungin for Injection 100 mg Lyophilized 
  • Meropenem Injection IP 1 g
  • Meropenem & Sulbactam Injection 1.5 g
  • Meropenem & Tazobactam for Injection 1.125 mg
  • Meropenem & Tazobactam 562.5 mg 
  • Doxycycline for Injection USP 100 mg Lyophilized 
  • Voriconazole Injection IP 200 mg Lyophilized
  • UIinastatin Injection 1,00,000 IU

Key Products Supply;

Human Insulin R (Regular), N (NPH), L (LENTE), 30:70 (MIX)

Intravenous immune globulin (“IVIG”) 

Molnupiravir 200 mg 30 capsules

Tocilizumab 10 ml

Tocilizumab 20 ml

Remdesivir Injection 100/150 mg

Favipiravir Tablets 200/400 mg

Enoxaparin Injection 40/60 mg

Heparin Sodium Injection 5000/25000 IU


Lopinavir and Ritonavir Tablets

Methylprednisolone Succinate Injection

Methylprednisolone Acetate Injection

Noradrenaline Injection

Vasopressin Injection

Atracurium Injection

Teicoplanin Injection

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Seatrack International manufactures and supplies a wide range of Injections, Anti-Cancer, Antibiotics, Lyophilized Injections, Tablets and Capsules

We Manufacture Finished Pharmaceutical Formulations
in the Following Categories & Forms;

. Injectable – Lyophilized – Powder – Liquid & PFS

. Capsules (General, Hormones, Oncology)

. Sterile Eye Ointments & General Creams

. Tablets (Beta Lactams, Non Beta Lactams, Hormones, Oncology)

. Sachets     

. Dry Syrup/ . Liquid Syrups

. Powders

. Neutraceutical

. Eye/Ear/Nasal Drops

. Lotions, . Veterinary 

. Over the counter (OTC)

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SEATRACK INTERNATIONAL GROUP, have been manufacturer and exporter/importer of medical devices, ICU equipment and ventilators and pharmaceutical products, an having joint multiple R&D centers equipped with cutting-edge enabling technologies and specialized labs in infections and diseases in India, with modern injectable finished pharmaceutical manufacturing with latest automatic tunnel system, lyophilization to make sterile injectable and pre-filled syringes, automatic fill-form and steal facility, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) and cold room chains including hygiene standards for sterile products and storage, equipped for manufacturing of high quality liquid, dry, redi-mix syrups, and have license with the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization  (CDSCO) India and register with Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India for Pharmaceutical Products Export and wholesale and distribution license for sales and supply of pharmaceutical products in Europe. We manufacture and supply our products worldwide. We have commitment to save & protect LIFE as our driving force and will always remain our primary objective. Driven by the purpose, we have extended our presence to 10+ countries and actively working to consolidate our presence in other emerging world markets.

Our Vision

We strive to make a difference in the lives of people globally through our innovative & affordable products including medical devices, medical protective products, medicines and vaccines. We are committed to provide top quality, research-intensive biopharmaceuticals and incorporate technologies like Lyophilization, 3D printing, Nanotechnology, Drug experimentation on simulation models and many more. We are dedicated to provide solutions for today & tomorrow.

Our Mission

We believe in health, prevention and protection for all and develop products for the mass. Our philosophy, health is the most precious asset and if secured, “all is well”. We are responsible to the society and ensure business practices are driven by ethics, integrity and commitment. We believe in customer satisfaction and in process to achieve leadership globally, through excellence in technology,research and development.

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