Seatrack International, started its pharmaceutical manufacturing and export facilities in 3 states in India (including Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Ahmadabad), two production lines in Korea, and a manufacturing production line in Thailand and two production lines in China, geared towards the production of PPE Kits, medical face mask, nitrile/latex gloves and sanitizer. The Company has expanded its manufacturing supply chain and production lines either as a wholly-owned subsidiary company and/or through investment, joint operations with manufacturers in different countries (India, Hungary, China, Korea,Thailand, Turkey, Mexico, Nigeria) to fulfill customers’ requirements.


To manage and maintain high-volume flow of goods to international customers, the company has established manufacturing production and supply facilities in China and Thailand for medical (Sterile/Non-Sterile) gloves production, and surgical face masks and medical devices production in Korea. The Group has its own logistics network for distribution of products to world destination points under Seatrack International Group.