SEATRACK INTERNATIONAL GROUP, is a manufacturer and supplier for Fully ultrasonic automatic production lines for hygienic and medical protective products, medical devices such as ventilators, and pharmaceutical products. We are committed to manufacture high-quality healthcare products that are affordable and for all segment of society. We manufacture products for world destinations,  European, American, African, Middle East, South American, South Asian Markets and many more.

Seatrack International supplies medical ventilators, mobile ICU ventilators (invasive & Non invasive, combined together) and home Non invasive portable models to support patients with severe respiratory condition in both home (self-management) and hospitals. Seatrack International has joint production lines for medical devices in Both China and Korea.


Non-invasive Home Ventilator

(Product Code.H.29)

Home Non-invasive positive pressure ventilation could reduce emergency readmission rate and mortality of severe stable CORD.

Main expected benefits for patients of home Non-invasive Ventilation are;

. Hospital readmission reduction

. Gas exchange improvement

. Exercise tolerance

. Quality of life improvement 

. Exacerbation reduction

. Survival improvement

. Sleep quality improvement

Mobile ICU Ventilator (Invasive& Non-Invasive)

(Product Code.H.89)

Our ICU ventilator is a critical care ventilator suitable for intra-hospital transport and sub- acute care of infants, children and adults. It combines the advantages of a flexible noninvasive ventilator with a full-featured invasive ventilator. 
It has comprehensive functionality and a user friendly design. The product code H.89 internal turbine provides needed air pressure with a low sound level and along with its internal batteries, prepare it fully for mobile use.